Rocky Lynch Quotes

Rocky Lynch quotes...Rocky is amazing and funny so I'm gonna write down every thing he says :p cant wait to share with you guys

“You should have said Cause with a Z. Dude you ain’t gansta at all, you got no swag”

—   R5TV - Making of Crazy4U Lyric Video

“I just spilled hot chocolate all over my hand”

—   Rocky (R5 tv)

I know this sounds really lame


 but if this gets 16,000 notes, my homophobic parents will come to my wedding. I know the click of a button isn’t that convincing, but if it gets enough notes, I’m going to type up the names & show them how many people support same-sex marriages.

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“Are you ready? cause were ready”

—   Rocky R5 TV

“is it like riding a camel or something?”

—   Rocky Lynch on trolling

“My dad just said he likes Big Sean’s rap in Mercy!! Hahaha I’m cracking up right now!”

—   Rocky Lynch tweets

“I just cant believe that there is some one as perfect as he is…i guess there could be but I fell in love with Rocky Lynch not rocky Lynch the guy from R5 the one that loves the word sexy…i just cant think about other guys like that even when I try I all ways see him and when i talk to boys I hear him and its like he’s all I think about and i cant get away from it because I gave him my heart and I cant give it to another guy with out getting it back from him and its like he doesn’t want to give it back…its like he’s keeping it and he doesn’t even know I have it…”

—   Me about Rocky

“Hey sexy followers”

—   Rocky Lynch tweets


—   Rocky Lynch

“Hi my name is Rocky, do you want a chiro? We have chiros”

—   Rocky Lynch R5TV